Below is a video sharing how you can set up a Coinbase account and make your first Cryptocurrency purchase and NOT pay the excessive feeds. This is done by using your Coinbase account to login to Gdax is Coinbases exchange. You simply access your UDS within Gdax once logging in with Coinbse. I also share that you MUST set up Google 2 Factor Authentication to protect yourself when transferring from your wallet to the exchanges. DO NOT SKIP THIS PIECE.

Here are two quick links to set up Coinbase and Binance, the video explains the rest! Let me know any Questions!

  1. Register on Coinbase here
  2. Register on Binance here


After watching the video you now have a Coinbase account and can login to Gdax and not pay fees when buying your bitcoin. You can then transfer your bitcoin or ethereum from Gdax to Binance. Now with your coins on Binance you can purchase alternative coins like Tron, Ripple, Cardano, and more!